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Mary Ellen Verdu, M.W.S.
Senior Instructor & Director of Undergraduate Studies in Human Development



Mailing Address   401B Wallace Hall (0416)
   Blacksburg, VA 24061

               Phone    540-231-9099

                   Fax    540-231-7012

     Office Hours    By appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Mary Ellen Verdu, M.W.S, Senior Instructor & Director of Undergraduate Studies in Human Development, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Primary Academic Interests

  • Public Policy
  • Administration of Family and Child Welfare Programs
  • Legal Rights of Children
  • Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning

Professional Responsibilities

  • Virginia Tech Institute for Community Health
  • Roanoke Valley Court Appointed Special Advocacy Program
  • Radford University School of Social Work, Professional Advisory Committee

Current Research

  • The Virginia Comprehensive Services Act, Its Intent and Outcomes
  • The Ethics of Whistleblowing and the False Claims Act
  • Strategic of Planning in Non-Profit Organizations

Selected Publications and Presentations

Thomas Carson, Mary Ellen Verdu and Richard E. Wokutch. “Whistleblowing for profit: an ethical analysis of the federal False Claims Act.” Journal of Business Ethics (2008), 77:361-376.
Richard Wokutch and Mary Ellen Verdu. “Teaching Ethics and Leadership with Films”. Forthcoming presentation at International Society for Business, Economics & Ethics, 4th World Congress, Capetown, South Africa, July, 2008.

Wokutch, R. E., & Verdu, M. E. (1996). "The 1986 Amendments to the False Claims Act: a new environment for whistleblowing." In J. M. Logsdon & K. Rehbein (Eds.) International Association for Business and Society, 1996 Proceedings. Santa Fe, NM, 602-607.

Wokutch, R. E., & Verdu, M. E. (1983). Improving social service planning in a changing environment: the need for an environmental information system. Journal of the Community Development Society, 14(2), 19-32.


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