Child Development Center for Learning & Research

For Families

Enrolling your child at Virginia Tech’s Child Development Center for Learning and Research enters you and your family into the exciting world of developmental and education science research.  Researchers from a variety of disciplines work with our center’s faculty to improve our understanding of young children, their environments and how best to nurture and educate them.  By enrolling your child at the Center, you become a contributor to increasing scientific knowledge about optimizing children’s and families’ growth.

Details of the kinds of research conducted at the Center are given in the Parent Handbook.  All studies are approved by Virginia Tech’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which provides oversight for the protection of participants involved in research.   All studies require parental permission.

CDCLR researchers are working with policy makers across the state and the nation and you have a chance to be a part of this exciting time in early childhood education and developmental science.