Child Development Center for Learning & Research

Current Studies 2011 Fall Studies

Effects of Play, Attachment, and Mind-Mindedness (MM) on Young Children’s Development

Principal Investigator: Victoria R. Fu, Department of Human Development
Graduate students: Caitlin Faas, Mathis Kennington, Jason Austin, Ruoxi Chen
Undergraduates:  Bethany Darnley, Sarah Erbes, Jane Giesken, Raven Griffin, & Paragren Chock

Intergenerational Community Research Project
Principal Investigator: Shannon Jarrott, Department of Human Development
Students: Chelsea Gilchrist,  Britanee Hodson, Andrea Mendes, &  Kelly Munly

Integrating Gay and Lesbian Family Identity into Preschool Classrooms
Principal Investigator:  Valerie Glass, Department of Human Development

Studies from 2010 – in analysis or coding development
Social Organization, Learning Technologies & Discourse: 
Systems Features for Facilitating Mathematical Reasoning in PreK-3rd grade Students
Principal Investigator s:  Michael A. Evans & Jesse L.M.Wilkins, School of Education

An Inquiry into Intergenerational Environmental Science Learning
Principal Investigator s:  Vickie Fu & Ila Schepisi, Dept of Human Development
Graduate Students:      Caitlin Faas & Miriam Piilonen

Family Database Project
Principal Investigator: Isabel Bradburn, Department of Human Development
Graduate Students: Wei-Ning Chang