Child Development Center for Learning & Research

Core Research Faculty and Graduate Student Researchers


Core Faculty:

Victoria Fu, Ph.D.

Isabel Bradburn, Ph.D.
Research Director

Lynn Ann Wolf, M.A.Ed.
Curriculum Director and Instructor

Affiliate Faculty:

Kirby Deater-Deckard, Ph.D., Psychology
Julie Dunsmore, Ph.D., Psychology
Shannon Jarrott, Ph.D., Human Development
Kelly Parkes, Ph.D., School of Education
Heidi Anne Mesmer, Ph.D., School of Education
Aaron Schroeder, Ph.D., Institute for Policy and Governance
Cynthia Smith, Ph.D., Human Development

Graduate Student Researchers:

Kim Day (Supervisor:  Isabel Bradburn)
Caitlin Faas (Supervisor:  Victoria Fu)
Julie Leventhal, M.S. (Advisor: Cynthia Smith)
Aaron Weintraub (Advisor:  Shannon Jarrott)
Bradford Wiles (Advisor:  Victoria Fu)
Isha William (Supervisor: Cynthia Smith)