Child Development Center for Learning & Research


2010 Spring Semester Studies
Social Organization, Learning Technologies & Discourse:

Systems Features for Facilitating Mathematical Reasoning in PreK-3rd grade Students
PIs:  Michael A. Evans & Jesse L.M.Wilkins, School of Education
GRAs:             Elisabeth Drechsel
                         Berrin Dogusoy
                         Wei Li

Psychobiology of Cognitive Development –

Attention and Memory Abilities in Preschool-Aged Children
PIs:  Kimberly Cuevas, Katherine C. Morasch, Jesse Versele, & Martha Ann Bell, Department of Psychology

An Inquiry into Intergenerational Environmental Science Learning
PIs:  Vickie Fu, Lynn Ann Wolf, & Ila Schepisi, Dept of Human Development
GRAs:            Krista Patrick
                        Meredith Buckley
                        Alex Weaver
                        Kimmie Williams
                        Kendall Creath
                        Caitlin Faas

Environmental Identity Construction Within a Reggio Emilia Community
PI:  Megan Sulsberger (dissertation), School of Education 
Committee Chair: Mary Alice Barksdale

Studies from 2009 – in analysis or coding development

Effect of Music Instruction on Young Children’s Development and Cognitive Skills
PIs:  Kelly A. Parkes & Isabel S. Bradburn, School of Education & Dept of Human Development (For preliminary results click here.)

Concept of Word and Letter Knowledge:  What Kind and How Much Letter Knowledge is Beneficial to Concept of Word Learning?
PI:  Heidi Ann Mesmer, School of Education

An Inquiry into Shared Reading in Preschool Classrooms
PI:  Vickie Fu, Lynn Ann Wolf, & Bradford Wiles, Dept of Human Development

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