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Volunteer Opportunities at the CDCLR

The CDCLR always welcomes Virginia Tech undergraduate students to volunteer at the center. For students planning to work with young children in a variety of different careers (i.e. teaching, coaching, social work, school-counseling, child-care administration, pediatric medicine, occupational therapy, etc.) volunteering at the CDCLR provides great on-campus experience under the direction of highly-qualified full-time classroom teachers. Volunteer opportunities are available in each of our three classrooms (Blue Room Toddlers; Orange Room Younger Preschoolers; Maroon Room Older Preschoolers). If interested please contact us at 540/231.6148 or stop by 140 Wallace Hall to get more information and to pick up the necessary paperwork needed before beginning your volunteer hours (i.e. background checks, TB risk-assessments, schedule of availability, references, etc.).    CDCLR Application For Employment